When I grow up

“What do you want to be when you grow up?”
Standard question for all children of the Universe. “When you grow up”. Well, I am grown-up and I still don’t know what I want to be. Some are professional hunters, miners or crafters. Some own shops, which I assume makes them merchants. Then there are merchants without shops buying and selling goods for profit. Merchants… or Re-sellers if you will. Re-sellers are somewhat looked down upon even though they do nothing illegal. They just use the market to their advantage. Oh… and then we have pirates – people who go into space to chase and destroy other space crafts to take their cargo. Healers – they usually only charge for decay.

In the beginning I had this unexplained urge to become a tailor. I wanted to work with animal hides to make textures, and even apply textures to items. Now I’m unsure. So far I’ve been focused on selling the loot I find while hunting for profit. I became a pack-rat. But Pack-rat is not a profession. Since I collect and sell resources I guess I could call myself a Supplier for now. And Hunter.
I was pondering becoming a supplier of goods from other planets, but then I would need to learn how to fly in space – and also risk my cargo to pirates. That thought is so unappealing it hurts! At least the part about losing cargo. I wouldn’t mind being a pilot.

We’ll see, I guess. I have ideas but will keep them to myself for now.

Arkadia Hornets suck.

As the report states: Arkadia Hornets suck. Badly. I went on a weapon test session(s) yesterday south of Victorious Firebase to see how well I would do with a Piron PBR-0 (L). The overall outcome that day was around 55% loot return!! Added to my existing data it crawled up to 71,55%. That is by far the worst creature I have ever killed!

Average per kill
Decay (gun+ammo): 0.0425 PED
Loot: 0.0292 PED
Kills: 289

I need to test the Piron PBP-0 (L) too but I doubt it will be any better. The weapons have similar stats despite one being handgun and the other a rifle.

Aside from all this, what sucks even more is that I have to use a firearm to kill the hornets. They are airborne and can’t be swatted with a powerfist or a blade. And my neck hurts every damn time going after these. …and I’m only on Stage 2! I guess I could skip it (I have been thinking along those lines before) but I seem to becoming a “mission whore”. I want to have them all finished one day.

Halix young vs S.I Psy-Sword

Today I tested the S.I Psy-Sword further but I can already tell it is not ideal to kill Halix with. It is a slow to use longblade compared to, let’s say, the S.I Psy-Blade. The current data says it costs 0.1207 PED to kill a Halix (young) and I get an average of 0.0889 PED in loot. Really, it is not ideal at all. I should mention I use a Piron PBP-0 (L) as tagger. For every 100 Halix killed I spend 1.5 PED more on decay (with S.I Psy-blade decay lands at 0.1055 PED per kill). Current loot return arrives at a measly 74.78%. Question is, do I continue the test with the “required” 3 additional sessions or do I quit after only 2 sessions and 122 Halix killed?!

I should probably do the last 3 sessions just for consistency. Not looking forward to it.

Remember, people. Every PEC counts!

Carabok mission #4 – 1700+

Swunting Carabok is sooo utterly boring. But I made a commitment a long time ago to make the most of these animals. Extracting sweat before killing them generates 10 bottles. The current average rate is around 1.8-2 PED per 1000 bottles. I charge 2 PED for a thousand. Added to whatever loot I get I will profit. The average kill cost of a Carabok is 0.041 PED.

So I swunt. Besides, Evade is one of those invaluable skills a hunter should be proficient in, and to train that a hunter has to take a beating.

But that doesn’t stop me from almost going mental swunting these fu…critters.
swunting carabok

Extraction of sweat from a Carabok

For a brief moment I thought I should test a new weapon on them. The S.I Psy-Sword. But after having a look at their max damage I decided not to. A Carabok has 10HP. A S.I Psy-Sword can do 8 maximum damage. Worse case scenario a hunter does 2×8 hits and deals an overkill of 6 points. That’s money thrown to the wind!
So no, I will not use that weapon on Carabok. It might work on Gallard. Those turkeys have 15 HP. With any luck they die after 2-3 hits.

Anyway. Carabok. Swunting. I’m currently at Dauntless Firebase Academy. There’s 5 available and I’m all alone. I like it that way. No animal hoggers. At this very moment I’m profiting. 120% return so far. 58 killed, 2.41 PED decay, 2.91 PED loot found, 580 bottles of sweat.

Let’s hope the numbers remain positive.

Kill 5000 Monura Female & Male

I started hunting Monura Males, a large baby blue bug, in March 2015. The initial plan was to ‘swunt’ them but after some tests I realized it would take far too much time to finish the 5 mission types for each of the genders if I extracted their sweat too and not just kill them. It is ideal to ‘swunt’ all Monuras, especially the females, because the income from Vibrant Sweat will for the most part cover any loss from weapon decay. But having made the solid decision to ‘swunt’ two other creatures (Carabok and Gallard) throughout all of the 5 missions I just couldn’t make the same commitment to the Monuras. Not without going mental anyway!

The first thing I did was conduct weapon tests to see which of the weapons I had suited best. I tested S.I Psy-Blade, S.I Combat Knife, Herman PF-TT (L) and MANTA K-TT (L) – 2 types of Power Fists and 2 types of Shortblades.

My initial tests were concluded in early May. The Herman PF-TT (L) worked best for males and the S.I Psy-Blade worked best for females. The average outcome of decay was 0,048 PED (males) and 0,050 PED (females) weapon decay per kill. Despite these results I chose to use S.I Psy-Blade for both genders.
The tests also showed that females were less inclined to eat random non-edible items like weapons and resources, things that a hunter would find after a kill. In other words, it would cost more to kill females than males, and I could use the profit from the males to fund the hunt on females.

I was well into the 3d mission in June when the IFN announced that the Trophy Heads a hunter gets after finishing Mission 4 would finally be available for finishing the appropriate missions for both Monuras, as well as Pandi and Dromia. This is where my luck – and 48 hours of fame – kicked in. I finished the 4th male mission and as I was going to the nearest IFN terminal to collect my reward it blared out a fanfare and a message on the screen to announce that I was the first colonist to discover the male trophy head. Utterly baffled I (greedily) wallowed in the praise from other colonists. At this point no one had claimed the female trophy.

I made a conscious decision to try and be the first to claim that title too. After much hard work and little rest I succeeded. On 16th June 2015 I discovered the male trophy, and two days later I discovered the female Trophy head.

Picture Gallery can be viewed here (opens in new window/tab).

Economics & Depositing

Since this blog is written strictly from a game point of view it is less than easy to talk about certain aspects of the game and still maintain a fictional view. One of these aspects is Economics, and especially Depositing.

Entropia Universe is a free-to-play game. There are no monthly fee(s) like other games have. It is also a Real Cash Economy (RCE), meaning that everything in the game has an actual value in (American) Dollars. Since money don’t grow on trees (for obvious reasons) in the game this adds an extra challenge for those who do not want to fund their gaming by depositing money. I am such a person, though it can be argued if I have deposited or not. I used a third-party website to earn game money and transfer it to my game account. It is not an illegal action but it is questionable.

The initial funding eased the start of the game and help me shorten the otherwise long-term Boredom-Jobs (collect fruit/stones, extract vibrant sweat) to get “free money” in the game. That said, I still engage in these jobs on and off to make sure I keep an Eco balance.

The Beginning of the Universe

Welcome, fellow traveler.

This is Wournos Wou Amos reporting from Planet Arkadia. As of this minute I’m one of the many newcomers to Entropia Universe and this is my personal report.

I am a Sergeant of the IFN, a hunter and an official citizen of Planet Arkadia. My preferred combat tactic is melee with a special interest in Power Fists.

It all started with a revival in space not far from Arkadia. I don’t remember the details because I was pretty much out of it before I came to. The medics had me go through physical therapy to make sure I could move without issues. They gave me a ridiculous-looking yellow jumpsuit and teleported me down to the New Arrival’s Hangar. On ground I was given an Arkadian Passport (I’ve heard “transplants” from other planets need to bribe the officer to become a citizen) and sent on a task to find some miners just outside the hangar.
This snowballed into a chain of events that took me to the IFN Supply Depot, where I got some new clothes and some weapons to use. None of them a Power Fist. No worries though. I had supplies and weapons from a past life that I no longer have ties to. One of these weapons is the S.I Psy-Blade from Cyrene. It’s a Power Fist with a really stupid name. But I like it. Mine is now Tier 2, which means I can add enhancers to it to improve its effect.

Anyway. Once I made it to civilization that is Celeste Harbour. It’s a busy place with plenty of shops. Weapon shops, clothing shops, beauticians and other types of supplies. It’s so busy my head spins every time I go there.

I eventually ended up at 8 Coins Windy Isles. There I found an IFN officer looking for new recruits. The only requirement is an Arkadian passport, so I though ‘what the hell’ and signed up. I was sent to investigate, but also kill, Oratan Prospectors. They are vile creatures with pickaxes that presumably haven’t showered in months.
I was also sent to kill some Monuras south of Valiant Firebase. These are gigantic baby blue or baby pink bugs that prefer to bounce around trees.
I was also sent to explore the Arkadian Underground. There are different types of creatures there. So far I have only been there twice. It’s not a place of interest to me just yet.

Fast forward. I graduated my IFN Training, got an access card, a uniform and was assigned to a Firebase – Valiant. The idea is to summon all IFN personnel when Oratan are inbound and ready to attack.
FYI, to climb the IFN ranks a soldier have to kill certain Oratan Prospectors in a certain order for a certain time. I’m currently assigned to kill Oratan Prospector Thieves. But more about that later.

For now, this is my initial report.