Scott & Barlow SB-4 (L) tier 5

Today I was out hunting Oratan Prospector Thieves north of Victorious Firebase. The sun was about to set so the desert wasn’t too hot. There were enough thieves to keep me busy while I worked on my shortblade skills. It’s not my main profession but it helps to raise strength, and strength allows me to carry more crap. Anyway, I tiered the blade to 5 and got another 24 hours of fame because no one had tiered that particular blade before me. That’s all. No interesting loot what-so-ever. It was a poor run to be honest.
My tiering days are now over. My blade broke and I sold the remains to the trade terminal. I got 2.58 PED back. But if I find another blade I might be able to get more tiers. That is, if no one beats me to it. It’s not on my agenda though.

Another tier – Scott & Barlow SB-4 (L)

Yup. I managed to be the first to reach tier 4 for Scott & Barlow SB-4 (L). It’s a nice limited shortblade that works well when killing Oratan Prospector Thieves. I have no reason to utilize the tiers right now. To be honest, I don’t remember exactly what they are meant for. I think it has to do with enhancers. Different enhancers adds different “boost” to a weapon. I might use some in the future.

For nice pictures have a look here: -> Gallery.

Onward to tier 5. 😀

Oratan Prospectors

Recently the IFN reported that the Smugglers in Arkadia Underground have expanded their operations and taken advantage of a situation regarding the IFN Oratan Payback Mission and frustrated colonists. Ever since IFN came forward with their recruitment, ranks and missions, some colonists have grown tired of how slow each daily mission can be. Oratan Prospectors congregate in mixed groups. There can be anything from thugs to vandals on the same mix and if you have a certain rank (or maturity) to kill you either had to cherry-pick or ‘kill all’. The last option is much more costly.
The Smugglers are now “offering” access to secluded areas with single maturity in them in exchange for Arkoins. Personally, I can’t afford such an offer. To pay to kill something faster without some other benefit is not what I’m about. It would be a whole different matter if I could hunt in Aakas, where those koins can be gathered. But I can’t. Not yet. So I’m “stuck” with the “traditional” hunting. I cherry-pick. In multiple areas. It took some time but that’s okay.

I ended up with a global. 12 PED loot return. Shortly after I got a message that I was the first colonist to tier a Scott & Barlow SB-4 (L) to tier 3. I did not see that one coming at all! 24 hours of fame. Lovely.
Maybe I can be the first to reach tier 4…

A 12 PED Carabok global

Sweet! I was swunting some carabok today while pondering my latest hunt. I failed to take proper note of my activities and now I have 0.20 PED more than I should have. I have no idea where those come from. So while I was allowing myself to become annoyed for silly reasons (I have more money than expected) a carabok dropped a Headshot I (L) worth 8.79 PED and roughly 3.21 PED worth of shrapnel.
It’s extremely fun for two reasons. 1, Carabok rarely give globals. 2, I got a weapon related item that I have never gotten before. AND it hadn’t been recorded on the local publishing board.

I’ve put it up for sale on my list of items. The current MU is around 170%. Not bad.

It’s a scope you attach to rifles and perhaps even handguns. I have never used one because what I hunt are not dangerous enough to require long distance to avoid. Let’s hope someone wants it. I could use the money for future hunts.

Kill 5000 Monura Female & Male

I started hunting Monura Males, a large baby blue bug, in March 2015. The initial plan was to ‘swunt’ them but after some tests I realized it would take far too much time to finish the 5 mission types for each of the genders if I extracted their sweat too and not just kill them. It is ideal to ‘swunt’ all Monuras, especially the females, because the income from Vibrant Sweat will for the most part cover any loss from weapon decay. But having made the solid decision to ‘swunt’ two other creatures (Carabok and Gallard) throughout all of the 5 missions I just couldn’t make the same commitment to the Monuras. Not without going mental anyway!

The first thing I did was conduct weapon tests to see which of the weapons I had suited best. I tested S.I Psy-Blade, S.I Combat Knife, Herman PF-TT (L) and MANTA K-TT (L) – 2 types of Power Fists and 2 types of Shortblades.

My initial tests were concluded in early May. The Herman PF-TT (L) worked best for males and the S.I Psy-Blade worked best for females. The average outcome of decay was 0,048 PED (males) and 0,050 PED (females) weapon decay per kill. Despite these results I chose to use S.I Psy-Blade for both genders.
The tests also showed that females were less inclined to eat random non-edible items like weapons and resources, things that a hunter would find after a kill. In other words, it would cost more to kill females than males, and I could use the profit from the males to fund the hunt on females.

I was well into the 3d mission in June when the IFN announced that the Trophy Heads a hunter gets after finishing Mission 4 would finally be available for finishing the appropriate missions for both Monuras, as well as Pandi and Dromia. This is where my luck – and 48 hours of fame – kicked in. I finished the 4th male mission and as I was going to the nearest IFN terminal to collect my reward it blared out a fanfare and a message on the screen to announce that I was the first colonist to discover the male trophy head. Utterly baffled I (greedily) wallowed in the praise from other colonists. At this point no one had claimed the female trophy.

I made a conscious decision to try and be the first to claim that title too. After much hard work and little rest I succeeded. On 16th June 2015 I discovered the male trophy, and two days later I discovered the female Trophy head.

Picture Gallery can be viewed here (opens in new window/tab).