I had a dream…

The dream I had was to reach Brawler (Hit) 20 before the end of December. That goal will not be met. The progress is so painfully slow it hurts. I did become a Brawler (Hit) 17 though. Always something. I’m still slugging away at my Ostelok mission killing youngs and matures now. The difference is 1 killpoint- 10 vs 11. The old ones are not worth it, in my opinion. According to sources they give the same amount of points (11) as matures but have greater health. Why waste decay for the same amount of points?!
I think next in line are providers, with 14 points … I think!

What I do like about the Ostelok missions are the skill rewards. Most of them anyway. I could do without Aim since I don’t use fire arms. Anatomy, Courage x2, Perception and Bravado are all very welcome. Also, the trophy head and a figurine definitely won’t hurt either. Just wish I had an actual home to put them in. Currently I sleep at various Command Posts. Courageous Firebase Academy is the current one. Snow all around. I could use a parka!

Anyway! The current average kill cost of Ostelok (young & mature) is 8.3 PEC. I believe the young has a kill cost of 7.8 PEC. That was the last number I remember before I threw matures into the mix. I really should keep the data separated, but that would mean hunting one (1) maturity at a time. I really can’t be arsed! I get enough ‘cherry-picking’ as it is.
I am half-way through stage 3 – 10,000 points to go. The remainder should cost me 83.55 PED on average in decay and ammo.

…maybe that can be my side-goal – finish stage 3 before December. A bit more tangible.

First Ostelok hunting session

Today I hunted Ostelok for the first time. I’ve grown tired of carabok and gallard because I set the (oh-so-boring) goal of swunting ALL of the 5 mission stages. That’s 16,000 animals… each! Monura Fe/Male is not on my to-do list any time soon due to the fact I no-lifed my hunting last time. Halix … I finished Stage 3 the other day and needed a break. Ostelok (young) are almost as weak as caraboks so they seemed like a good target. The difference between the ostelok missions and the other animals listed is that the IFN doesn’t count actual kills. They are after killpoints, and each maturity give different amount of points; the greater maturity the better. Since I hadn’t killed ostelok before I went for the young ones to get a kill cost estimate, as well as loot estimate. But I need more data before I can make a decent conclusion. I used a Piron PBR-0 (L) as a tagger and my trusted S.I Psy-Blade as main weapon.

The session went well though. I collected 1020 points, which equals 102 kills. The return was just below breaking even. I can live with that.

The other reason I chose to change targets was because I stumbled upon a buyer of shrapnel. I sold material worth 202 PED when converted. That was cause for “celebration”. Not only did I manage a sale (which seems rare for me) but my pack-rat skills paid off! There’s been so many times I’ve felt this need to sell everything to the trade terminal even though I wasn’t in need of the actual money. I felt I was in need of a sale. Not a good enough reason to miss out on MU.
but then a few hours later I messed up the numbers during another sale and lost money. Not smart! I was beating myself up about it even though we’re talking PECs. So now I have fine tuned my spread sheet to remind me that my minimum MU will be 101%. It equals the value of the converted material and selling for less is idiotic! I really need to keep a better eye on my numbers in the future.

My goal for tomorrow is to continue, and hopefully finish, the Stage 1 ostelok mission. …and keep fighting the urge to go on a carabok kill spree without extracting sweat.

Not as passive as it may seem

Didn’t realize I haven’t posted in almost a month. Well, not much to post. When I have been active I’ve only hunted Oratan Prospector Thieves and done some resource gathering. One of the thieves held a global of 10 PED, but it was still an over all loss. I’m not going to hunt any thieves this month.

What I have done though is get a sneak peek at someone’s statistics and how they keep track of their hunting on all planets. So… I applied some of it to my own statistics and have begun to keep track of each and every mob more closely. The data is automatically calculated into two different tables for better overview. One table displays over all data for each Arkadian mob (haven’t hunted on any other planet since I started the new tracking system) and the other table displays the total data for each planet (again, only Arkadia).
So far I’ve added data from Oratan Prospector Thieves, Arkadian Hornet, Gallard and Carabok. I have Jori and Monura Male/Female left. These are the mobs I can hunt with ease.

I hunted Arkadian Hornet yesterday and today. They have been horrible in terms of loot in the past. They were yesterday too – up until the very last hornet that dropped enough stuff to make me profit by 2.59 PED (without MU; 4.77 with MU). Today that profit was lost. Well, not all of it but I did lose. I finished Mission Stage 2 and decided to never hunt hornets again. Then again, I said that a few months ago and look where I’m at…

Sales have been okay I guess. I caved and put some stuff on auction for reasonable MU and the majority sold. Not sure what to do with the Socket I Components. They just won’t sell. I have more than 50 PED in TT value.
Speaking of trades. I bought a Terratech PH-3 a while back. I haven’t used it because I’m not skilled enough yet. I also just found 4(!!) Terratech PH-2 on auction. I bought 1 of them, so now when I’m out looking for trees to harvest I can theoretically get all three types of moonleaf boards. I will only use the PH-2 and PH-3 on medium and large trees. Anything else would be uneco!

Time to try out this new tool!

Home Sweet Home

Finally back on Arkadia! I came back Friday night after another short trip with the EFA. I’ve made use of their services twice now, round trip included. Next time, however, I will make use of my Sleipnir to t least travel from Space Station to the planet in question. That will save me 7 PED. But I have no idea how to. All I know is that I need thruster(s) and they are not very cheap. Or at least I don’t want to pay for any just yet.

The plan was to make at least 30 PED while on Calypso to get back the expense of travel, but it didn’t happen. I managed 8 PED – sweat only. I also didn’t get my usual ask of 2 PED/1k bottles. But 1.9 PED /1k bottles is acceptable. Especially after hearing it was as low as 1.5 PED/1k bottles at one time.
The boards sold well though so I’m contemplating doing more resource gathering and bring sales to Caly as long as there’s no use for the boards on Arkadia. From my understanding it’s used in property building on Caly. It’s new, not sure how it is going to be frank.

I got my haircut. I didn’t pay for a colour service as the asking price was way out of order. I’ll ask around on Arkadia to get price offers. My hair is all black. Way too emo!

Wournos black hairdo

My black hairdo.

Oh! There’s currently an Oratan attack going on, mainly at Repulse Firebase. I was there briefly to fend off some of them. They sent the usual miners that I personally don’t target. I prefer to join the collective in killing the lancers and such. They ride Kamaldons, I believe, and just wreak as much havoc as they possibly can. I lost count of how many times I died and was revived! But I walked away with about 180% loot return. Most of the loot was shrapnel – or Crapnel as some call it. There’s no use except converting it onto universal ammo. Don’t you just love getting ammo when you use knives, powerfists and swords… I have over 200 PED worth of shrapnel. I’ll see if I can sell some.

Speaking of sales. I put up my Simple I Conductors on auction and they sold within a few hours. They were worth 31.80 PED (no MU) and sold them for 37 PED. Without fee that’s a 4.45 PED profit. I love profit!
I also put up Fuel Cells. Still waiting for those to sell. 7 days left. I wish I could bring all my Piron weapons to Calypso to sell, but anyone with any economic self respect would not buy the level 0 weapons. At least not the laser ones. All level 0 Pirons are almost as eco as the TT weapons, but not if you add MU, and they have roughly 160% MU. The trade terminal sell laser, not BLP, so there is a small chance that BLP weapons can be sold in private. It’s worth a shot (no pun intended!) to bring them next time I go to sell boards. But at the same time I want to be part of the Arkadian economy and stimulate that, not leech off of Calypso’s.

Decisions, decisions…

Unplanned visit to Calypso

Today’s report comes from Calypso. It wasn’t planned at all and a failure on my part. You see, I want a new hairstyle. I’m tired of my close-cropped military style and have already decided on a new style. The #21. So I found someone advertising their business on Arkadia. But it turned out that their salon is on Calypso. Bummer! So my bright self decided that I would make a trip and do some more exploring once I got my new style – without doing some research first.


First of all I rarely travel, so I forgot that the whole trip, return included, with a mothership and teleport to planet, costs a whooping 28 PED. I figured I could bring some stuff to sell, like the short moonleaf boards, sweat and some other stuff, but the weight was too much so I had to settle for the boards only. I completely forgot to bring hair gel.
Then, when I got in contact with the stylist it turned out that the order of styles had been rearranged and he couldn’t create what used to be #21. FUCK! He tried to skill up but to no avail. I figured I could still do some exploring and kill some young berycled or puny mobs (caudatergus, tripudion and berycled).

Exploring failed because of the distance between places. It’s as if whoever governs this planet wants us to make use of vehicles and spend oil in the process.

Killing punies failed because they give no decent loot. Only shrapnel, ammo and nova fragments. Not even the sweat drawn covers the cost of killing the mobs.

…and when I got to the place where I know young berycled are it was overrun by colonists.

Soooo… frustrated as I am I decided to put my boards on auction in hopes that they sell and then join a sweat circle at Boreas to earn back the money for the trip. I need a minimum of 15,000 bottles of sweat sold at a minimum of 1.9 PED per 1k bottles. Wouldn’t surprise me if it takes all of August to meet this goal.



July conclusion

July has ended and these are the results.

Animals/Mobs killed:  Oratan P. Thief, Carabok, Halix
Weapons used: Piron PBR-0 (L), Bukin’s Blade, Scott & Barlow SB-4 (L), S.I Psy-Blade, Herman PF-TT (L)
Total kills:  607
Ammo used: 33091
Ammo cost:  3.31
Repairs:  56.97
Decay:  119.32
Loot:  131.91
Global (PED):  24
Sweat collected: 1325
Sweat sold: 0
Income:  18.68
Expenses:  39.24
Funds at end: 221,97
Loot return %:  107.568

Not terrible (because I profited) but it could always be better! I should note that I wasn’t as active this month as I usually am.

Expenses refers to anything but repairs.
Income refers to anything but selling sweat.
Loot includes globals.

Scott & Barlow SB-4 (L) tier 5

Today I was out hunting Oratan Prospector Thieves north of Victorious Firebase. The sun was about to set so the desert wasn’t too hot. There were enough thieves to keep me busy while I worked on my shortblade skills. It’s not my main profession but it helps to raise strength, and strength allows me to carry more crap. Anyway, I tiered the blade to 5 and got another 24 hours of fame because no one had tiered that particular blade before me. That’s all. No interesting loot what-so-ever. It was a poor run to be honest.
My tiering days are now over. My blade broke and I sold the remains to the trade terminal. I got 2.58 PED back. But if I find another blade I might be able to get more tiers. That is, if no one beats me to it. It’s not on my agenda though.

Another tier – Scott & Barlow SB-4 (L)

Yup. I managed to be the first to reach tier 4 for Scott & Barlow SB-4 (L). It’s a nice limited shortblade that works well when killing Oratan Prospector Thieves. I have no reason to utilize the tiers right now. To be honest, I don’t remember exactly what they are meant for. I think it has to do with enhancers. Different enhancers adds different “boost” to a weapon. I might use some in the future.

For nice pictures have a look here: SpaceOddity.co.uk -> Gallery.

Onward to tier 5. 😀

Oratan Prospectors

Recently the IFN reported that the Smugglers in Arkadia Underground have expanded their operations and taken advantage of a situation regarding the IFN Oratan Payback Mission and frustrated colonists. Ever since IFN came forward with their recruitment, ranks and missions, some colonists have grown tired of how slow each daily mission can be. Oratan Prospectors congregate in mixed groups. There can be anything from thugs to vandals on the same mix and if you have a certain rank (or maturity) to kill you either had to cherry-pick or ‘kill all’. The last option is much more costly.
The Smugglers are now “offering” access to secluded areas with single maturity in them in exchange for Arkoins. Personally, I can’t afford such an offer. To pay to kill something faster without some other benefit is not what I’m about. It would be a whole different matter if I could hunt in Aakas, where those koins can be gathered. But I can’t. Not yet. So I’m “stuck” with the “traditional” hunting. I cherry-pick. In multiple areas. It took some time but that’s okay.

I ended up with a global. 12 PED loot return. Shortly after I got a message that I was the first colonist to tier a Scott & Barlow SB-4 (L) to tier 3. I did not see that one coming at all! 24 hours of fame. Lovely.
Maybe I can be the first to reach tier 4…

A 12 PED Carabok global

Sweet! I was swunting some carabok today while pondering my latest hunt. I failed to take proper note of my activities and now I have 0.20 PED more than I should have. I have no idea where those come from. So while I was allowing myself to become annoyed for silly reasons (I have more money than expected) a carabok dropped a Headshot I (L) worth 8.79 PED and roughly 3.21 PED worth of shrapnel.
It’s extremely fun for two reasons. 1, Carabok rarely give globals. 2, I got a weapon related item that I have never gotten before. AND it hadn’t been recorded on the local publishing board.

I’ve put it up for sale on my list of items. The current MU is around 170%. Not bad.

It’s a scope you attach to rifles and perhaps even handguns. I have never used one because what I hunt are not dangerous enough to require long distance to avoid. Let’s hope someone wants it. I could use the money for future hunts.