Home Sweet Home

Finally back on Arkadia! I came back Friday night after another short trip with the EFA. I’ve made use of their services twice now, round trip included. Next time, however, I will make use of my Sleipnir to t least travel from Space Station to the planet in question. That will save me 7 PED. But I have no idea how to. All I know is that I need thruster(s) and they are not very cheap. Or at least I don’t want to pay for any just yet.

The plan was to make at least 30 PED while on Calypso to get back the expense of travel, but it didn’t happen. I managed 8 PED – sweat only. I also didn’t get my usual ask of 2 PED/1k bottles. But 1.9 PED /1k bottles is acceptable. Especially after hearing it was as low as 1.5 PED/1k bottles at one time.
The boards sold well though so I’m contemplating doing more resource gathering and bring sales to Caly as long as there’s no use for the boards on Arkadia. From my understanding it’s used in property building on Caly. It’s new, not sure how it is going to be frank.

I got my haircut. I didn’t pay for a colour service as the asking price was way out of order. I’ll ask around on Arkadia to get price offers. My hair is all black. Way too emo!

Wournos black hairdo

My black hairdo.

Oh! There’s currently an Oratan attack going on, mainly at Repulse Firebase. I was there briefly to fend off some of them. They sent the usual miners that I personally don’t target. I prefer to join the collective in killing the lancers and such. They ride Kamaldons, I believe, and just wreak as much havoc as they possibly can. I lost count of how many times I died and was revived! But I walked away with about 180% loot return. Most of the loot was shrapnel – or Crapnel as some call it. There’s no use except converting it onto universal ammo. Don’t you just love getting ammo when you use knives, powerfists and swords… I have over 200 PED worth of shrapnel. I’ll see if I can sell some.

Speaking of sales. I put up my Simple I Conductors on auction and they sold within a few hours. They were worth 31.80 PED (no MU) and sold them for 37 PED. Without fee that’s a 4.45 PED profit. I love profit!
I also put up Fuel Cells. Still waiting for those to sell. 7 days left. I wish I could bring all my Piron weapons to Calypso to sell, but anyone with any economic self respect would not buy the level 0 weapons. At least not the laser ones. All level 0 Pirons are almost as eco as the TT weapons, but not if you add MU, and they have roughly 160% MU. The trade terminal sell laser, not BLP, so there is a small chance that BLP weapons can be sold in private. It’s worth a shot (no pun intended!) to bring them next time I go to sell boards. But at the same time I want to be part of the Arkadian economy and stimulate that, not leech off of Calypso’s.

Decisions, decisions…

July conclusion

July has ended and these are the results.

Animals/Mobs killed:  Oratan P. Thief, Carabok, Halix
Weapons used: Piron PBR-0 (L), Bukin’s Blade, Scott & Barlow SB-4 (L), S.I Psy-Blade, Herman PF-TT (L)
Total kills:  607
Ammo used: 33091
Ammo cost:  3.31
Repairs:  56.97
Decay:  119.32
Loot:  131.91
Global (PED):  24
Sweat collected: 1325
Sweat sold: 0
Income:  18.68
Expenses:  39.24
Funds at end: 221,97
Loot return %:  107.568

Not terrible (because I profited) but it could always be better! I should note that I wasn’t as active this month as I usually am.

Expenses refers to anything but repairs.
Income refers to anything but selling sweat.
Loot includes globals.

The Beginning of the Universe

Welcome, fellow traveler.

This is Wournos Wou Amos reporting from Planet Arkadia. As of this minute I’m one of the many newcomers to Entropia Universe and this is my personal report.

I am a Sergeant of the IFN, a hunter and an official citizen of Planet Arkadia. My preferred combat tactic is melee with a special interest in Power Fists.

It all started with a revival in space not far from Arkadia. I don’t remember the details because I was pretty much out of it before I came to. The medics had me go through physical therapy to make sure I could move without issues. They gave me a ridiculous-looking yellow jumpsuit and teleported me down to the New Arrival’s Hangar. On ground I was given an Arkadian Passport (I’ve heard “transplants” from other planets need to bribe the officer to become a citizen) and sent on a task to find some miners just outside the hangar.
This snowballed into a chain of events that took me to the IFN Supply Depot, where I got some new clothes and some weapons to use. None of them a Power Fist. No worries though. I had supplies and weapons from a past life that I no longer have ties to. One of these weapons is the S.I Psy-Blade from Cyrene. It’s a Power Fist with a really stupid name. But I like it. Mine is now Tier 2, which means I can add enhancers to it to improve its effect.

Anyway. Once I made it to civilization that is Celeste Harbour. It’s a busy place with plenty of shops. Weapon shops, clothing shops, beauticians and other types of supplies. It’s so busy my head spins every time I go there.

I eventually ended up at 8 Coins Windy Isles. There I found an IFN officer looking for new recruits. The only requirement is an Arkadian passport, so I though ‘what the hell’ and signed up. I was sent to investigate, but also kill, Oratan Prospectors. They are vile creatures with pickaxes that presumably haven’t showered in months.
I was also sent to kill some Monuras south of Valiant Firebase. These are gigantic baby blue or baby pink bugs that prefer to bounce around trees.
I was also sent to explore the Arkadian Underground. There are different types of creatures there. So far I have only been there twice. It’s not a place of interest to me just yet.

Fast forward. I graduated my IFN Training, got an access card, a uniform and was assigned to a Firebase – Valiant. The idea is to summon all IFN personnel when Oratan are inbound and ready to attack.
FYI, to climb the IFN ranks a soldier have to kill certain Oratan Prospectors in a certain order for a certain time. I’m currently assigned to kill Oratan Prospector Thieves. But more about that later.

For now, this is my initial report.