I always wanted you to go into Space, Man.

A few days ago I set off on a new adventure. I was going to space – on my own accord. It literally freaked me out. The only other time I was in space I used the services of EFA. They offer safe trips on their mothership. But since I was going to temporarily join Kronan, another mothership, as an engineer I had to get up there on my own. I spent a few days preparing and asking questions about basically everything. Eventually I found the courage to go. I spawned my Sleipnir near Machinery Plant and ascended.




The whole ship wobbled. WTF?! With my mad piloting skills, and obviously great selection of take-off spot, I’d managed to fly straight up into the belly of the planetside mothership. I believe my Sleipnir took some damage. Minimal though. After aligning my ship once more I continued the ascent. Space was looming.

As I broke the atmosphere a warning of pirating was announced. This is why I do not like space. Other colonists engage in pirating for fun. They shoot you down and if you carry certain items they loot you. Me and my mad skills cannot handle pirates. Besides, I got extreme motion sickness so everything was 10 times as hard to do. I had major issues steering. It all works differently up there too. Turning sideways planetside makes you rotate on the horizontal axis in space.
After much trial and error I managed to reach the opening of the Arkadia Space Station (Ark SS). There’s a distinct blue glow eminating from the entrance/exit. Then I had issues with the gate. It just wouldn’t open. Suddenly, I was sucked in while backing out.

Once on Kronan I purchased 8 repair tools and 200,000 welding wire. The other half of welding wire I already had. Thus began my repairing. My motion sickness never really left and it peaked whenever I went to or from the hangar. But it all went well. It took time to learn the layout of the ship but once I got a hang of it it went really well. One day I would like to travel from planet to planet on my own but I need this motion sickness to end first. For now I’ll just use my Sleipnir between SS and planet. But I have no plans of going anywhere for now. I skilled up to Vehicle Structural Engineer 10 and unlocked the Blueprint Comprehension skill, so now I’ll keep on swunting, crafting leather and work on Brawler Hit 20.

…and of course all the pictures I took was shit because I couldn’t focus properly. Damn this sickness!

Ostelok Stage 3 – done

So I set a goal earlier this month, to reach Brawler (Hit) 20. I also set a goal to finish stage 2 and stage 3 before the end of the month. I managed the last two goals, not the first one. I should have known before even starting that it would be impossible. It took me roughly 11 months of sporadic hunting/swunting to reach Brawler (Hit) 16 so naturally it shouldn’t be possible to get 4 profession ranks in one month. But it’s fine. Gives me a goal for next year!

So the mission ended as follows.

ostelok hunting in holiday clothing

Ostelok hunting in holiday clothing

Agility 51
Health 105 (+1)
Intelligence 30
Psyche 29
Stamina 1
Strength 42

Total brawler skill points: 79.02*
Total Brawler Hit points: 79.13
Total Brawler Dmg points: 72.05

Profession levels
Ranged Gauss Dmg 5
Range Plasma Dmg 5
One Handed Clubber Dmg 7
Two Handed Clubber Dmg 7
Knifefighter Dmg 11
Ranged Laser Dmg 8
Evader 8
Laser Sniper Hit 5
Grenadier 2**
Pet handler 2**

Total kills: 1605 young, 681 mature = 2286

Total cost
S.I Psy-Blade: 198.00 PED
Piron PBR-0 (L): 0.55 PED
Ammo: 3.25

Total loot (-MU): 180.16 PED (89.27%)

S.I Psy-Blade Tier 2.3 (+0.1)

* Started taking notes after session 7, so not complete.
** Professions gained from finishing IFN Ostelok Stage 3

I also went ahead and bought myself a holiday coat. Cost me 14.92 PED – a whole lot cheaper than one I saw on the auction for over 40 PED! The only issue is it doesn’t go well with my ACA/AS Civilian trousers. I had to switch to my plain old Carapace trousers. One day I would like to own something much cooler. I believe the Lahbiba coat is what I’d like. It can be customized. Not sure what colours and/or textures I’d like. It’s something to ponder when I go back to swunting carabok.

By the way, the picture is quite funny. As I was hitting one ostelok another drowned in the shallow water just south of my position. Hilarious. Long legs yet they drown. I hereby name you John Little!


When I grow up

“What do you want to be when you grow up?”
Standard question for all children of the Universe. “When you grow up”. Well, I am grown-up and I still don’t know what I want to be. Some are professional hunters, miners or crafters. Some own shops, which I assume makes them merchants. Then there are merchants without shops buying and selling goods for profit. Merchants… or Re-sellers if you will. Re-sellers are somewhat looked down upon even though they do nothing illegal. They just use the market to their advantage. Oh… and then we have pirates – people who go into space to chase and destroy other space crafts to take their cargo. Healers – they usually only charge for decay.

In the beginning I had this unexplained urge to become a tailor. I wanted to work with animal hides to make textures, and even apply textures to items. Now I’m unsure. So far I’ve been focused on selling the loot I find while hunting for profit. I became a pack-rat. But Pack-rat is not a profession. Since I collect and sell resources I guess I could call myself a Supplier for now. And Hunter.
I was pondering becoming a supplier of goods from other planets, but then I would need to learn how to fly in space – and also risk my cargo to pirates. That thought is so unappealing it hurts! At least the part about losing cargo. I wouldn’t mind being a pilot.

We’ll see, I guess. I have ideas but will keep them to myself for now.